We have a tradition in quality!

By ordering from Galeone you enjoy a quality that is different.
Food always freshly cooked, from selected ingredients and on time, every hour!

Selected materials

From local producers

16 hour delivery

From 11:00 to 03:00 every day.

In a wood oven

With fresh dough

Freshly cooked

At the time of your order

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Eπιβράβευση πόντων=έκπτωση σε κάθε παραγγελία

Eating brings the appetite for points!

Each order is rewarded with points that you can redeem!

Delivery από τις 11:00-03:00

Contactless delivery!

If you wish the service contactless delivery, just select it on the order screen and fill in the comments where you want the distributor to leave your order. The service is only available for credit card payment.

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