Reward Program

Reward Program

The Reward Program is a reward program where the registered Galeone user collects points with each use (eg order,) which he can redeem at any time he wishes through and not in telephone orders from the store.
The participation of the registered user in the loyalty program is mandatory and is done automatically by registering with Galeone. By registering, the user earns 3600 points. Older customers who have registered with the previous ordering system will automatically be credited with 500 points.
The actions by which the registered user collects points and the analysis of points are as follows:

1st order-user registration: 3600 points
1st order: 500 points
With every € 1 order, the user earns 50 points
With each redemption of 1200 points, the user earns a discount of 1 euro.

The redemption of the points will be done only for the points that have been collected from orders that have been completed and their payment has been accepted.

The points collected by the user will be valid for 12 months.
The total points of the registered user will always be visible on the home page and in his profile, also his points per order are displayed in the history of his orders.

Evaluation Policy
In order for the registered user to evaluate, a necessary condition is that he has ordered from or through the mobile app.